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FreedomFest 2021
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Freedom of education panel

COREY DEANGELIS     KERRY MCDONALD    Connor boyack   mike donnelly    

stand-up comedy

jp sears

seeing the conversion to classical liberalism

dave rubin

The Bitcoin Vs. Gold Debate

rich checkan    eryka gemma    paul rosenberg     kirk chisholm

Mock trial: The Pandemic Lockdowns on Trial

featuring tom woods as the judge

Why Liberalism Works

Deirdre nansen mccloskey

Opt out! how free markets can erase racism

TK Coleman

tom Woods day

thursday July 22 with tom woods

reason day

friday July 23 with nick gillespie

decriminalize sex work

randy hencken     Mary Landgraf

The exciting future of libertarianism

dr jo jorgensen

FreedomFest 2021 emcee

dave smith

The Four Economists of Mount Rushmore

mark skousen

Laugh it Up...changing minds through comedy

lou perez      dave smith

Health through whole foods

john mackey

What’s in a Virus?

Dr Drew pinsky

time vs timing: which is better long-term investing or short-term trading?

mark skousen      mike turner

feminism as free speech

elizabeth nolan brown