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July 11 - 14, 2018 | Paris, Las Vegas

The world's largest gathering of free minds

At FreedomFest you will:

  • Join thousands of dynamic, like-minded individuals
  • Engage with over 250 experts and leaders in their field
  • Meet the geniuses behind the liberty movement
  • Find exciting investment opportunities to benefit your portfolio
  • Network with the best free-market and pro-liberty think tanks and organizations
  • Enjoy a full three and a half days, chock full of compelling debates, exciting panels, rousing speeches, social events and much more!
  • Attend the world’s only libertarian film festival at no extra charge
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FreedomFest Attracts the Best and Most Fascinating Speakers

Just a Few of Our Regulars:
Author, Filmmaker
CEO, Euro Pacific Capital
CEO, The Atlas Society
EIC, Reason.com & ReasonTV

On the Inside: A Most Unusual Thanksgiving

Every Monday and Wednesday I drive up the river from my home just north of Manhattan to Ossining, where I park my car in an upper lot and hike down 114 uneven stone steps (yes, I’ve counted them) to Sing Sing, the notorious maximum security prison where I teach college and pre-college courses to the […]

The Smartest Girls I Know

by Jo Ann Skousen When I first met Deja and Zhane, they were living with their mother in a Section 8 housing unit in Yonkers, New York. Their mother was what most people would describe as a “typical welfare mom”—she got a job once in a while, although the risk of losing her benefits if […]

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