Monthly Chats About Liberty

FreedomFest Fridays are our monthly Zoom chats to discuss liberty and current events, play games, make special announcements, and share stories with fellow freedom lovers. This is your chance to participate in large and small group discussions with the FreedomFest planners, attendees, speakers, and more.

A Virtual Social Event

FreedomFest Fridays take place on the first Friday of the month at 2pm ET/11am PT, right during your end-of-the-week lunch hour. So enjoy your lunch with us and kick off the weekend by connecting with friends in the liberty movement!

Make Your Voice Heard

In addition to meeting as a large group, we divide everyone into breakout sessions so everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves, contribute to the discussion, and ask questions. 

How To Join The Conversation

Email [email protected] and we will send you info on the latest topic and Zoom link at the beginning of the month.

The FreedomFest

Mark Skousen
Founder and Producer
Jo Ann Skousen
Co-Founder & Director of Anthem Film Festival
Valerie Durham
Executive Director & Conference Planning, Marketing, Exhibitor Relations
Autumn Skousen
Director of Operations & Conference Logistics and Finances
Matt Day
Director of Programming & Speaker Liaison and Agenda Logistics
Hayley Aragona
Conference Coordinator & Attendee Relations and Exhibitor & Media Logistics
Ned Piplovic
Exhibitor Liaison & Logistics Coordinator