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FEATURED speakers

Spike Cohen

Former Libertarian Party Vice President Candidate


Life Changing Conversations

Finding Common Ground with Your Enemies

Daryl Davis

Black Victim to Black Victor

Adam Coleman

What is the Ideal Tax System?

Flat Tax, Progressive Tax, or No Tax?

Art Laffer vs. Lanny Ebenstein

Great Society: A New History

Amity Shlaes

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

A Discussion of the Modern Libertarian Movement

Richard Epstein & 
Andrew Koppelman

Extra Ticket Required

Punching Up Comedy Festival Special

A celebration of freedom of expression! For tickets, visit our Special Events page.

Embracing the Enlightenment:

Classical Liberal Response to a Growing Illiberalism

David Boaz

Libertad Guatemalteca:

A Presidential Campaign of Liberty for All

Gloria Alvarez

Signature Mock Trial

Open Borders On Trial

Featuring Bryan Caplan

The Post-Truth Era:

Learning to Navigate Journalistic Misinformation

Matt Taibbi

Gaslit Politics:

Understanding Government Abuse Through the Lens of Power and Control

Kimberly Emery

The Dissidents Project:

Firsthand Insights into the Perils of Authoritarianism

Young Voices: Daniel DiMartino, Angesum Teklu, Frances Hui, Grace Bydalak