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“Eastward I go only by force; Westward I go free.” -- Henry David Thoreau

Dear Friends of Liberty,

Welcome to the Paris Resort and FreedomFest 2019. We can’t wait to share this year’s show with you!

People are calling FreedomFest many things: The Masters of conferences; A Live Wikipedia for libertarians; a Cornucopia of Renaissance minds; the Trade Show for Liberty; the Focal Point for liberty lovers; the Greatest Libertarian Show on Earth (Washington Post); and “The Gold Standard” of conferences (Steve Forbes).


Our Theme This Year:  “The Wild West”

Given the geo-political climate these days, “The Wild West” is the perfect theme for 2019. The Old West era was characterized by a mix of restlessness, opportunity, lawlessness, vigilante justice, free thought, militarism, ecological change, and racial divisiveness, not unlike our own.

The American West represented freedom for many, as the epigram from Henry David Thoreau above suggests. In the 1860s, Horace Greeley said, "Go West, Young Man” to find adventure, fortune, and open territory.  For others, it represented change of a different sort.

The great historian Frederick Jackson Turner referred to the Western frontier as a place to escape tyranny, and to find opportunity.  He said, “America is another name for opportunity…The West is a central force that most clearly defines American democracy and the national ethos.” He added, “That coarseness and strength combined with acuteness and inquisitiveness; that practical, inventive turn of mind, quick to find expedients; that masterful grasp of material things, lacking in the artistic but powerful to effect great ends; that restless, nervous energy; that dominant individualism, working for good and evil, and withal that buoyancy and exuberance which comes with freedom - these are the traits of the frontier.”

Today the history of the American West and the concept of Manifest Destiny are being revisioned to consider the experiences of multiple groups of people, not just Horace Greeley’s “young man.” Indigenous peoples, women, immigrants, and many other groups experienced tragedy and oppression during the Old West era. As the filmmaker Sam Peckinpah noted, “The Western is an anachronism. I know it’s fascist. I know it’s sexist. I know it’s evil and out of date. But, God help me, I love it so.”

It’s important to note that in our current day, we are grappling with deep issues of sexism, racism, individualism, statism, prosperity, poverty, and economic opportunity. So the theme of the Wild West is even more apropos and relevant. We have sessions on all these critical issues, and more, at FreedomFest this year.

We’re presenting two debates on Manifest Destiny – one with historians Stephen Hicks, Tom Clavin and John Prevas on Friday in Versailles 2, and one by our high school debate teams in our new FreedomFest Debate Showcase (more on that below).


A Gathering Place

This year, we choose the iconic image of the saloon doors as our main theme visual. Why? We think Jack London said it best: "All ways led to the saloon.  The thousand roads of romance and adventure drew together in the saloon, and thence led out and on over the world."

We hope you'll enter the saloon doors of FreedomFest and encounter a world of new ideas, great conversations, the start of important projects, the support of others, and much more.


What’s New at FreedomFest This Year?

We’re happy to announce our brand new FreedomFest Debate Showcase, a series of high school debates presented throughout the conference in Vendome B organized by Mary Russell of American Logos. These multinational students will be arguing for and against immigration, vaccines, social media, military interventionism, and more. Read the list of topics on the flier in your conference bag.

You’ll also be treated to our first Freedom Art Exhibit, featuring the incredible works of political cartoonist Michael Ramirez and street artist Sabo. These artists are challenging the political climate through art, and you have a chance to meet them right here. Meet the Artists on Thursday and Friday between 3-4:30pm and be part of the official unveiling at the VIP Art Opening Reception Wednesday night (ticket required). Some of their art is so provocative, we’ve had to create a special “Free Speech Zone” – enter that area by your own free choice! You’ll be inspired and intrigued by the art pieces on display.

New Master of Ceremonies: We are pleased to announce our new master of ceremonies, Jason Stapleton, a Marine veteran and currency trader who has his own daily podcast with 30,000 daily listeners.


What’s SPECIAL at FreedomFest This Year?

New Speakers, Panels and Debates: In addition to the “usual suspects” at FreedomFest, we always reach out to new authors, professors, and business leaders, beginning with our keynote speakers, Kevin O’Leary, of Shark Tank fame; Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller; and Candace Owens of the BLEXIT Movement.

Plus, we are happy to welcome back the Freedom Caucus led by Senator Mike Lee and Representatives Thomas Massie (Kentucky) as well as Justin Amash (Michigan), who created headlines when he announced that he is leaving the Republican Party and thinks President Trump should be impeached.

Other new speakers include free-market environmentalists Terry Anderson and P. J. Hill of PERC; Joel Salatin, the outspoken Christian libertarian farmer from Virginia; GMU economist Don Boudreaux; parenting activist Lenore Skenazy, seasteading visionaries Joe Quirk and Carly Jackson; and authors Tom Clavin and Alan Pell Crawford.

We’re also happy to welcome Vince Foster, founder and CEO of Main Street Capital, from Houston, Texas.  Main Street Capital is the best performing private equity fund in the country since 2007, even outperforming Warren Buffett. Foster will be speaking Thursday afternoon in “The Wild West of Wall Street” financial room (Vendome A).

Back in the Saddle Again! We also welcoming several speakers who are back by popular demand, including  Marc Eliot, John Stossel, Glenn Beck, Rich Lowry, John Fund, Jennifer Grossman, Grover Norquist, Charles Murray, Steve Moore, Jenny Beth Martin, David Nott, Naomi Brockwell, Herman Cain, Randy Barnett, Magatte Wade, Dan Peterson, Elizabeth Ames, Richard Ebeling, Matt and Terry Kibbe, Alex Green, Avens O’Brien, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Bob Barr, Gena Lofton, Wayne Allyn Root,Richard Rahn, James Gwartney, Craig Huey, Jeff Berwick, Jose Cordeiro, and Reason editors Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch and Katherine Mangu-Ward.  And we’re happy to bring back the Pitch Tank, the contest of up-and-coming companies, to our main stage of Friday morning.

Anthem Film Festival:  Included with your FreedomFest ticket, Anthem offers fascinating films and provocative panels all day long—even during general sessions, coffee and lunch breaks, and every night at 8 pm.  Our films are hard-hitting, edgy, poignant, and fun. Read the descriptions on the app or in the brochure you’ll find in your conference bag. We’re especially proud of our curation of films submitted by freedom-loving filmmakers of Iran (Thursday morning), and our collection of politically satires (Thursday at lunch). And if you’re upset about the power Google and Facebook have over your what you read and write, you won’t want to miss “The Creepy Line” Saturday morning.

New Exhibitors: Take time to browse the exhibit area, not only during coffee breaks but during an occasional breakout session as well, when it isn’t as crowded.  Get to know our freedom organizations, think tanks, financial services, and booksellers. There’s also an easy place to grab a quick lunch in the Pitch Tank corner of the exhibit hall each mid-day.

Financial Seminar:  Financial freedom is essential; without the economic means to pursue our hopes and dreams, our freedom is limited. We have set aside the Vendome A room for our financial seminar, where our experts will discuss the outlook for the stock and bond markets, gold and commodities, taxes and estate planning, and portfolio and risk management. This seminar is sponsored by Salem Eagle Publishing. Additional breakout sessions specialize in estate planning, oil & gas partnerships, and other private placements.  Check the published program and app.

Regarding the financial services firms in the exhibit hall and sessions, be sure to read our full disclosure and “caveat emptor” statements in the printed program for advice about taking care to ask questions, investigate, and consider carefully all the risks before making any investment decisions. Always remember:  investigate before you invest.

New Media: FreedomFest has been growing in stature and media coverage. C-SPAN comes every year. They'll be filming sessions all day in the Loire room on Saturday. You can listen in to the live interviews along Media Row. You might even end up on radio or TV yourself. Check out America’s Voice Network, National Review, Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Steve Sanchez Show, Unlock Your Wealth, Free Talk Live and more at the FreedomFest Media Row.

Social Events: Looking to make new friends? This year we’re offering great new social events for everyone, young and old. It starts with our festive opening cocktail party on Wednesday evening in the exhibit hall, and continues every evening with conversation circles, movies, karaoke, yoga morning and evening, clubbing (just show your badge in the VIP Guest Line at Chateau Nightclub at Paris each night starting at 10:30pm) and more.  And don’t forget our special Saturday Night Banquet – the ultimate way to end your FreedomFest 2019 experience!

$5 Discount Merchandise: Enjoy the memories all year with some of our personalized clothes and products.  We’re selling everything this year for $5 to make room for new merchandise next year (FreedomFest 2020). Available at the audio sales and registration desks.

Welcome to the #1 liberty conference in the world.

Yours for peace, prosperity, and liberty, AEIOU,


Mark Skousen


Valerie Durham

Conference Director

Recommendations to Get the MOST Out of FreedomFest


1. Create your own conference! Read through the program booklet and begin marking the sessions, panels, debates, and films you don’t want to miss. If you are here with family and friends, consider attending separate sessions, and then share experiences at the end of the day. Be sure to watch for special events, such as Grover Norquist’s “Wednesday Meeting,” “Constitution Day” with Free to Choose Network, the Mock Trial of the Second Amendment, and “Reason Day.”

2. Download the SCHED App to access FreedomFest 2019 on your phone. Create your own personalized schedule by checking “Add to my Sched” on the individual session page. Like a particular speaker? You can view all their session on their bio page and then mark them in your personal schedule. You can also use the app to rate sessions, pull up our conference map, check the FAQ and much more. You can even vote in the debates and mock trial.


3. Purchase the recordings of sessions you missed or want to hear again. FreedomFest has A LOT going on. But never fear—we record almost every session, so you will be able to purchase the CDs or MP3 files and listen to everything later. Many people purchase the entire conference recordings and listen to them throughout the year.


4. Sign up for the luncheons, receptions, and Saturday night banquet as soon as possible – they fill up fast. You won’t want to miss Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary tell us The Inside Story of Shark Tank”at his luncheon on Thursday, or the VIP Reception with Penn Jillette Friday evening. And for the first time, the tickets to the filmmakers reception and Master Class are available to the public—come meet our directors and our guest speaker, actor Kevin Sorbo.

Tickets are also available for the Saturday morning breakfast where my wife Jo Ann and I will talk about “Investing for Two:  How Couples Can Successfully Manage their Finances.” Finally, be sure to stay for the gala Saturday night banquet, which is always the highlight after four days of intellectual feasting.  This year we will be entertained by Loop Rawlins, the country’s #1 Wild West performer and trick roper. You may have seen him as a finalist on America’s Got Talent. And we are happy to announce the fabulous rock ‘n roll dance band, The Amish Outlaws.  Join us on the dance floor!


5. Take advantage of the many refreshment breaks to visit the exhibit hall, which John Mackey calls “the Tradeshow for liberty”– all the best freedom organizations, think tanks, and financial institutions are here. You’ll be amazed at what you learn. The FreedomFest bookstore will have your favorite books and autograph sessions. Gryphon Editions will be giving away a leather-bound collectible edition of Rand Paul's book, Government Bullies, with the purchase of three books (limited to first 100 customers). And be sure to pick up a copy of  “The Story of FreedomFest,”free with any book purchase (while supplies last)!

Also in the Exhibit Hall you’ll find the roundtable discussions, food, drinks throughout the week. And look for our “pop up performance” by Western musicians Mark Lee Gardner and Rex Rideout and our very own libertarian magician, Peter Studabaker, during the opening cocktail party.  In “Galt’s Gulch,” at the center of the exhibit hall. we have sofas and chairs where you can sit and relax.  Try your skill at the “White Mates in Two” chess challenge provided each day. The first person to bring Mark Skousen the solution of the day wins an American eagle silver dollar (one prize per day)!

And you won’t want to miss the opportunity have a photo taken in front of the famous Wells Fargo Stage Coach in the exhibit hall!








And WIN BIG!  With our Tradeshow for Liberty Scavenger Hunt. Use the scavenger hunt card you'll receive at check-in to visit the exhibitors and events listed on your cards. Get a stamp (or even better a "Star Visitor" sticker for stellar visitor engagement!) for each visit and turn in your completed card at the registration desk before "high noon" on Saturday for your chance to win $1776 in Gold Aurum from Valaurum or two free tickets to FreedomFest 2020. (If your card is selected as the Grand Prize winner, and you have more than ten "Star Visitor" stickers on your card, you win both prizes!)


6. FreedomFest doesn’t end when the sun goes down.  Join our conversation circles to discuss free speech, politics, and the 50thanniversary of Woodstock. Or attend one of our Anthem film screenings. And don’t forget our one-time-only FreedomFest Square Dance & Show at 8 pm on Thursday evening in Champagne 2 with caller extraordinaire Vern Vernazzaro and the clogging and yodeling group The Mama’s Wranglers! No experience necessary, and you can also just come watch the fun!


7. Buy an American eagle silver dollar from one of our coin dealers. The silver dollar is our official coin at FreedomFest, representing sound money and liberty.  Bring it with you and have your photo taken on Saturday with some of ourtop speakers after the closing panel. A grand traditional.


8. The Super-Charged Saturday Sessions. We’ve saved some of the best for last. We want to end the show with a BANG on Saturday afternoon, so we’re offering FREE energy drinks (while supplies last) plus we’ll be awarding SILVER DOLLARS and other fun prizes to attendees in Saturday afternoon breakout sessions and Anthem screenings! Attend the amazing sessions and films in the final block of breakout sessions on Saturday afternoon and you could win.

Saturday, July 20, is also a special day, being the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon.  To celebrate, Ed Hudgins will interview Charles Murrayand Catherine Cox about their book “Apollo: Race to the Moon” and the future of this “final frontier of space exploration” (appropriately brought to you via Skype satellite).


9. Be civil to all speakers and attendees, and respectful of alternative viewpoints. Be open minded.  We’ve always called FreedomFest a “Big Tent” event, and this year the tent has grown even bigger. We have invited a diverse range of speakers whose ideas may challenge, surprise, and enlighten you. We ask that you listen respectfully and ask your questions civilly so that all of us learn from each other. Our goal is to expand minds as we exchange ideas, not just to win an argument and demonize those who don’t agree with us, or surround ourselves only with people who already share our beliefs.

This is especially important during the debates and panels, and do we have some great debates for you this year, starting with our “Conscious Capitalism vs Pure Greed” debate between John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, and Kevin O’Learyauthor of “The Cold Hard Truth” about business and investing.

Other big debates include: “The New Atheists:  Are They Right about God?” between Michael Shermer and Hyrum Lewis (BYU-Idaho), author of “There Is A God:  How to Respond to Atheism in the Last Days”…. “Immigration:  Open Borders or Walls?” with Candace Owens and Wayne Allyn Root taking on Rakesh Wadhwa and Doug Casey, with Rich Lowry as the "wrangler"…. Is Eating Meat Healthy and Ethical?” between John Mackey and Bruce Friedrich, and Joel Salatin and Jeff Riley… “Trump’s Trade War:  Art of the Deal or No Deal?” between Steve Moore and Don Boudreaux (GMU)…. And John Mackey takes on hard-core Marxist Professor Barry Eidlin in the “Showdown in the FreedomFest Corral:  Which is Better, Democratic Capitalism or Socialism?”

Our panels cover many topics, including Eastern philosophy, American foreign policy, free-market environmentalism, the future of the libertarian movement, American exceptionalism, alternatives to socialized medicine, the latest Supreme Court decisions, the communist takeover of Latin America, criminal justice reform, free speech and socialism on campuses, libertarian feminism, anarchy and the Wild West, censorship on the web, incivility in today’s politics, a list of bad federal laws, and whether libertarians should infiltrate colleges and universities.

Our mock trial on Friday afternoon is always our most popular event.  This year we are putting The Second Amendment on Trial, with Michael Shermer as prosecuting attorney and John Lott as defending attorney. This topic is so hot that no one wants to touch it. But we aren’t afraid.

We have invited many bright new thinkers and experts who aren’t yet well known.  Even if you are here primarily as an investor, or to listen to your favorite speakers, attend non-financial workshops or round tables and embrace the opportunity to learn something new.


10. Fill out our Survey Questionnaire at the end of the conference. We want to know how we can improve FreedomFest for the coming years. If you have a favorite speaker or organization you’d like us to bring next year, let us know. Surveys are available at the registration desk or online. You can win two free tickets to FreedomFest 2020!

NOTE: We really need as MANY PEOPLE as possible to fill out the survey to make sure we are hearing from different perspectives. If you are a student or a young professional, we need to hear from you! If you are a first-timer, we need to hear from you! If you are a long-timer, we need to hear from you! Thank you!

Welcome to the Anthem Film Festival


Dear Friends of Liberty,

Welcome to Anthem, the world’s only fully-juried libertarian film festival. We have a passion for movies, and we hope you do too. You’ll find us in the Versailles 3 screening room every day from 8:30 in the morning till 10:00 at night bringing you films and panels that will disturb, delight, and inspire you.

You can visit the Anthem website for the full line-up at any time.


What’s New at Anthem This Year?


Paperless voting! You can rate the films with the touch of a button. Just text StarCandy516 to 22333, and you are all set to rate the films. Then you’ll just text 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to 22333 after each film.

Feature-length narratives every night at 8pmstarting with Kevin Sorbo in“Miracle in East Texas.” You’ll get to meet Kevin at the post-screening discussion Wednesday night and again at our Filmmakers Reception and Master Class Thursday evening.

You’re invited! For the first time, we’re opening the reception to all FreedomFest film lovers, not just our filmmakers, so purchase your ticket at the registration desk today, and meet the directors at the reception and master class Thursday evening, with comedian C. Michael Pickens and “Pitch Perfect: How to Make your Pitch without Losing your Voice” featuring Kevin Sorbo, Marc Eliot, and our panel of successful producers. Tickets are limited, so sign up today!

Lunchtime Specials. Grab a sandwich or salad from the lunch kiosk inside the exhibit hall and join us Thursday for our politically incorrect series of short comedies—and our powerhouse panel, “Funny Business,” featuring comedian C. Michael Pickens and artists SABO and Michael Ramirez. Then return for Friday’s lunch series of animated short films—these aren’t just “cartoons” anymore.

Freedom Fighting Filmmakers from Iran. We’re especially proud of our collection of short films made by Iranian directors who are spiriting their works from under the repressive noses of their censors through the power of the Internet. Thursday morning beginning at 8:30 you’ll see some of the most beautifully created and poignantly told stories of the festival.

Documentaries that will concern you—including The Creepy Line,” about Google surveillance; The Fight of our Lives,” and “American Consequences 2020,” about changing cultural ideologies; “No Safe Spaces,” with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager discussing attacks on free speech; and “Invalidated,” about legislative threats to entrepreneurship and intellectual property rights.

Documentaries that will inspire you—including Magatte Wade’s story, “Made in Mekhe,” of how entrepreneurship is changing Africa; “In Money We Trust?” about the history of money; and “American Craft,” comparing craft beer to the legislative process.

Which film will win the grand prize? We aren’t even sure yet! But you can help determine the coveted Audience Choice award by rating each film that you see.

Read the film descriptions in the Anthem brochure and set your calendar to see many of these remarkable films celebrating choice, individuality and accountability. At Anthem we believe film has the power to change people’s minds by changing their hearts.  Come see what we mean throughout each day in Versailles 3.

Be part of the conversation! Use #anthemfilmfestival #FFest19 and @anthem_fest when you post your photos and comments.


In film and liberty,


Jo Ann Skousen

Anthem Film Festival

Tributes to Our Heroes of Liberty


Andrea Rich

Rivoli Ballroom

Andrea Rich (1939-2018):  For more than 40 years Andrea was at the center of the libertarian movement, best known for being the proprietor of Laissez Faire Books. She was a mentor, counselor, friend, supporter, facilitator, networker, and gracious hostess to hundreds of freedom lovers – young, old, well-known, obscure, successful, down-on-their-luck, didn’t matter. 

She was the first chair of the New York Libertarian Party in 1973-74. The vice chair was Howard S. Rich, whom she soon married. From 1974 to 1977 she was vice chair of the national Libertarian Party, and in 1980 she played a key role in developing television advertising for the campaign of Ed Clark, the Libertarian presidential nominee.

From 1982 to 2005 she was the president of Laissez-Faire Books, which billed itself as “the world’s largest collection of books on liberty.” It had a retail location on Mercer Street in Greenwich Village, described in Radicals for Capitalism by Brian Doherty as “an important social center for the movement in America’s biggest city, a place for any traveling libertarian to stop for company and succor.” But in those pre-Amazon days, it was far better known for its monthly catalog of books that reached libertarians around the world. Through its Fox & Wilkes publishing imprint it brought many classic libertarian books back into print. 

Andrea often negotiated with publishers to make books more affordable, and some books only found publishers because Laissez-Faire could guarantee an audience beyond the small academic market. She even taught me how to negotiate with publishers. Through her work with Laissez-Faire she became friendly with leading libertarian writers including Milton and Rose Friedman, Robert Nozick, Thomas Sowell, Nathaniel Branden, Thomas Szasz, Charles Murray, Richard Epstein, David Kelley, and Margit von Mises, widow of economist Ludwig von Mises.

As president of the Center for Independent Thought, the parent organization of Laissez-Faire Books, she also launched and managed the Thomas S. Szasz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties and the Roy A. Childs Fund for Independent Scholars. CIT’s biggest project was Stossel in the Classroom, which repackaged ABC News and Fox Business videos on economics and public policy by John Stossel for classroom use. The videos have been viewed by tens of millions of high school students – according to Stossel, reaching more people than ABC News and Fox News.

Along the way she also helped to found the Center for Libertarian Studies in 1976 and served on the boards of the Foundation for Economic Education, the oldest free-market think tank, and the Atlas Network, an international association of think tanks. She traveled as far as Russia and Kenya to meet libertarians and spread the ideas of freedom.

Andrea Millen was born February 8, 1939, to the late Louis and Vera Millen of Johnson City, Tennessee. She graduated from Science Hill High School and attended the University of Alabama. After landing a summer job at CBS answering fan mail for Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle (“my handwriting was perfect for it, they said”), she never went back to school. For 18 years, she worked in television, including writing for Sid Caesar, Joe Pyne, and the NBC News election unit.

She lived most of her life in Manhattan and Orangeburg, NY, but moved to Philadelphia in 2009.

She is survived by her husband of 41 years, Howard Rich; her sister Elaine Millen of Charlotte, NC; stepsons Joseph Rich and Dan Rich; Dan’s wife Maureen; and granddaughters Cati and Samantha. 

--David Boaz, VP, Cato Institute


Joel M. Stern

Vendome A

Joel M. Stern (1941-2019) was one of the world’s most popular and creative teachers of finance, and a frequent speaker at FreedomFest. He was famous for developing two of the most widely used metrics in corporate finance, Free Cash Flow (FCF) and Economic Value Added (EVA).  

Stern was born in the Bronx into a family of orthodox Jews and passionate Zionists, and he remained devout throughout his life. His parents considered Franklin Delano Roosevelt a secular deity.  

After attending Yeshiva Chaim Ozer and James Monroe High School, he studied economics and finance at the University of Chicago under two Nobel Prize winning economists, Milton Friedman and Merton H. Miller. After reading Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom, he became “a libertarian to the core.”  

After graduating from Chicago, Stern went to work at the Chase Manhattan Bank as a close advisor to David Rockefeller. While at Chase, Stern developed the concept of Free Cash Flow. In addition, he was founding editor of the Chase Financial Quarterly, which is now known as the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance.

In 1982, upon Rockefeller’s retirement, Stern left Chase Manhattan Bank and co-founded Stern Stewart & Co. (now known as Stern Value Management) with G. Bennett Stewart, III, where they developed the concept of EVA, a measure of opportunity cost of capital.    

For 40+ years, Stern taught modern finance at major graduate schools around the world, including the University of Chicago, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, London Business School, INSEAD, the University of Cape Town, and the University of Singapore.  

During his life Mr. Stern guest lectured or taught at more than 75 universities worldwide, including MIT, New York University, UCLA, Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM), and Chapman University.

He published eight books and 150 papers in the fields of financial economics and public policy. He was the financial policy columnist for the Financial Times of London and a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal

For 17 years he was a rotating panelist on “Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser.” More recently, he appeared frequently on Bloomberg Radio and TV, and CNBC. 

He was considered by many, including The Economist, as the father of the shareholder value theory. But he was much more than that. To those that knew him and worked with him he was considered a father, a mentor, a friend, and a great story teller.   

He married Karen Darwick in 1966, and had a son, but they divorced 14 years later.  He is survived by his son, Erik; his daughter-in-law, Michelle; and their three children.  

I highly recommend his memoir, Against the Grain:  How to Succeed in Business by Peddling Heresy (John Wiley & Sons, 2003), which tells his adventures with Milton Friedman, David Rockefeller, and Harry Oppenheimer, as well as his discovery of EVA.   

– Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies


Rich DeVos


Rich M. Devos Sr. (1926-2018) was a successful businessman and supporter of conservative causes. As a co-founder of Amway, he became a billionaire philanthropist and owner of the Orlando Magic basketball team.  

DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, educated at Calvin College and served in the army in World War II. In 1959 he and his high school friend Jay Van Andel created Amway (short for “American Way”), the world’s most aggressive multi-level direct sales marketing company. Amway sells health, beauty and home care products. It reported sales of $8.8 billion in 2018, with more than 3 million distributors worldwide.  

In the 1980s, DeVos became involved politically with the Republican Party, and served as a trustee of the National Constitution Center, supporter of the Christian Leaders Institute and the Acton Institute, and contributor to many conservative causes such as Mount Vernon, the Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute.  

His best known book was Compassionate Capitalism: People Helping People Help Themselves (Plume, 1994).    

I became acquainted with Rich DeVos in the 1980s when he was president of the Council for National Policy, a conservative alternative to the Council on Foreign Relations.  After a series of heart attacks, he received a heart transplant in 1997. Not long thereafter we spent time together at Orlando Magic basketball games in the early 2000s. A motivational speaker and writer, he was always friendly and generous with his friends and employees.  

DeVos and his wife Helen married in 1953 and had three sons -- Dick, Dan and Doug, co-CEO at Amway-- and a daughter, Cheri. Dick DeVos ran unsuccessfully as the Republican candidate for Michigan governor in 2006 and married Betsy Prince, who became education secretary under President Donald Trump.  Helen died in 2017, a year before Rich passed away.  

--Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies


Daniel Rosenthal


Daniel M. Rosenthal  (1941 - 2018) was a hard-money libertarian businessman famous for his controversial “Silver and Gold Report” that rated coin dealers according to their price and quality in the 1980s and 1990s.  Some consider Daniel one of the top sales copywriters of the 20th Century. In fact, a single letter Daniel wrote for a financial newsletter brought in $15 million of revenue.  

Rosenthal grew up in New York, and then in the early 1960s went to UCBerkeley in California, where he was one of the first student libertarian activists, becoming a member of the Youth for Goldwater Campaign.  Later he worked for Arlington House and the Conservative Book Club, and then went into business as the publisher and editor of the monthly “Silver & Gold Report.” 

The newsletter was famous for rating every six months all the major gold and silver coin dealers based on their prices for silver and gold coins. He was especially critical of the rare coin business because of its mark-ups and disputes about the quality of coins.  His 1988 book, How Gold Dealers Legally Defraud You-While the Industry Tries to Cover It Up, is an example of his approach.  

Rosenthal married Deanne Hollinger, an artist, and they had two children, Jesse and Amy.  Deanne and Amy moved to Denver, where Amy trained in ballet. She suffered a tragic accident stepping off a curb in Denver, and was hit by a car. After that, she needed constant care.   

By the early 1990s, the precious metals business declined. Dan sold his newsletter and became more reclusive, moving to Bangkok, Thailand. While there, he became an avid collector of rare coins. A coin collector friend, Mitchell Spivack, states, “Daniel was without a doubt one of the greatest numismatists of the 21st century, and I cherish all the years that I had the honor of buying and selling coins for him. He truly lived up to his name, ‘JustHavingFun’ as I would be hard-pressed to find another collector who had as much fun collecting coins as he did. He will be sorely missed.”

Mary Wheeler, his first secretary, wrote, “Personally, Danny was selfless, funny, generous, loving and loyal.  He took great delight and pride in helping people make money.” 

-- Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies


Paul Laxalt


Paul Laxalt (1922-2018) was a politician known for his integrity. He was an influential governor of Nevada, a U.S. senator, Reagan confidante, and legal adviser and lobbyist. 

Laxalt was born and raised in northern Nevada, a son of Basque immigrants who came to herd sheep in the American West.  Laxalt survived World War II with combat duty in the Philippines, married Jackie Ross, and went to law school. 

He returned to Carson City and practiced law with Ross’s father, who later became a federal judge. He won his first statewide race, lieutenant governor, in 1962. 

In 1964, he ran for the U. S. Senate, the year Barry Goldwater ran for president. Laxalt often described Goldwater as his "political Godfather.” Not long before election day, Goldwater scheduled a visit to Las Vegas.  Laxalt's advisors told him he should "duck" Goldwater, as they feared any association with Goldwater would spell trouble.  But Laxalt refused to duck Goldwater.  He told his aides, "Listen, Barry Goldwater is my friend. If I snubbed him now, I could never look him in the face again. I would rather lose." 

The Laxalt-Goldwater meeting was reported on the front pages of local newspapers. Goldwater lost Nevada by 28,000 votes, but the Laxalt-Cannon race remained far closer than expected.  The next day Laxalt was told he lost the election by 48 votes, among the narrowest margins in a popular election for the U.S. Senate. 

Laxalt bounced back by winning the governor’s race in 1966. As Nevada governor, he was credited with repairing damaged ties between state and federal governments over Nevada’s gambling industry. He had numerous phone conversations with eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, encouraging Hughes’s casino acquisitions that helped to rid Las Vegas of mob influences. Laxalt helped to launch the state’s community college system, its first medical school and Lake Tahoe preservation efforts. After one term as governor, he left politics and joined his family in a trouble-plagued hotel-casino venture. 

Laxalt returned to politics by winning a U.S. Senate seat in 1974, defeating then-Lt. Gov. Harry Reid. When Laxalt retired in 1987 after two terms, he had become one of the most popular figures in Nevada’s political history. 

In Washington, Laxalt was one of President Ronald Reagan’s closest and most trusted friends. He was Reagan’s link to the Senate and his national campaign chairman, and general chairman of the Republican Party. He refused to write an insider’s “kiss-and-tell” account of the Reagan years. He said he wouldn’t retire on proceeds from the memoir because it avoided a salable mix of “gossip, sex or scandal.”

He is survived by his wife, Carol, whom he married in 1976; two sons and four daughters from his first marriage; a daughter from his second marriage; twelve grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. One of his grandchildren is Adam Laxalt, who recently served as Nevada’s attorney general.  

--Chuck Muth, president, Citizens Outreach


Larry Harvey


Larry Harvey (1948-2018) was an American artist, philanthropist and activist famous for co-founding the Burning Man event, the annual weeklong gathering in the desert of Northern Nevada.  

Harvey and his brother were adopted by “Shorty” and Katherine Harvey and grew up in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Parkrose High School in 1966, and attended Portland State University. Larry was a voracious reader and was heavily influenced by works such as Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community by Robert Putnam; Variety of Religious Experience by William James; and the writings of Sigmund Freud.  

A proto-hippie, Larry visited San Francisco with his girlfriend for the first time during the “Summer of Love” in 1967, and eventually moved to the San Francisco area.  

Burning Man began in 1986 when Larry Harvey and a handful of friends built and burned an eight-foot-high wooden figure of a man.  The building and burning became a much larger annual eveng, and led to dozens of similar events around America and the world.

While Larry Harvey focused on the community, art, and “radical inclusiveness” of Burning Man, others noticed its radical libertarian nature, as a city of 70,000 people came together and without state or city control, to build their own city (known as Black Rock City) with a minimum of rules and a maximum of liberty and voluntary cooperation.

Marian Goodell, the CEO of the Burning Man Project and Larry’s long-time girlfriend, wrote, "For all of us who knew or worked with him, he was a landscape gardener, a philosopher, a visionary, a wit, a writer, an inspiration, an instigator, a mentor, and at one point a taxi driver and a bike messenger. He was always a passionate advocate for our culture and principles that emanate from the Burning Man experience in the Black Rock Desert."

-- Grover Norquist, president, Americans for Tax Reform


Charles Krauthammer

Champagne 1

Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) was one of the country’s leading political columnists, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and popular television commentator.  

Krauthammer was born in Manhattan to Orthodox Jewish immigrants.  His parents were not overtly political, he said, but his worldview was shaped in part by the Holocaust.  But he was not particularly religious. “I do not believe in God, but I fear him greatly.”  

He graduated in 1970 from McGill University in Montreal, where he was editor of the student newspaper and known as a campus radical.  He went on to Oxford to seek a degree in psychology, where he met Robyn Trethewey, a fellow student from Australia, whom he would marry (they had one son, Daniel).  

Then he entered Harvard Medical School. After skipping class one morning to play tennis, he paused to cool off in a campus pool. On his last dive off a springboard, his head hit the bottom, severing his spinal cord, and leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, with only partial use of his arms and hands.  

Despite his severe injury, he remained optimistic and in 1978, joined the Carter Administration in the National Institute of Mental Health in Washington, and wrote articles for the New Republic.  He started writing speeches for Vice President Walter Mondale, while continuing to write for the New Republic and Time magazine.  

But his political philosophy was never predictable.  He considered the two greatest presidents to be Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, coining the term “The Reagan Doctrine.”  He supported Israel and the war in Iraq. Domestically he supported abortion rights but opposed what he regarded as failed welfare programs.  “He was independent and hard to peg politically,” said Meg Greenfield at the Washington Post.  

“People ask me, ‘How do you go from Walter Mondale to Fox News?”  He said, “The answer is, I was young once.”

At the end of his career, Krauthammer was a columnist for the Washington Post and a regular commentator on Fox News.  He wrote several bestselling books, including his memoir “Things That Matter.”  

I got to know Charles Krauthammer several years ago, when he became a regular keynote speaker and commentator at the New Orleans Investment Conference.  He was clearly the most popular speaker every year. He had faith in the ideal American system, a “liberal, pluralist, capitalist democracy.”  

The passing of Charles Krauthammer not only left a void in the hearts of those who knew and followed him, but also the loss of human discourse, the thoughts that we will never hear-- compelling, powerfully concise insights into everything from the human condition to the day’s headlines — all put into clear perspective. 

The world is immeasurably richer for what Charles gave us; now it’s that much poorer for what we’ll never see from him. 

-- Brien Lundin, President, Jefferson Financial


Russell Means

Versailles 3

Russell Means (1039-2012) was a Sioux Indian rights activist, actor, and former seeker of the Libertarian Party's presidential nod in 1988.  

Born in South Dakota and given the name Wanbli Ohitika, which means "Brave Eagle" in the Lakota language, by his mother, he grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, graduating in 1958 from San Leandro High School.  In his 1995 autobiography, Means recounted a harsh childhood; his father was alcoholic and Russell fell into years of "truancy, crime and drugs,” before finding purpose in the American Indian Movement (AIM) in Minneapolis. In the 1960s, he lived in several Indian reservations. (Means preferred the term “American Indian” rather than today’s “Native American.”)  

He rose to national attention in 1970 by directing a band of Indian protesters who seized the Mayflower II ship replica at Plymouth, Mass., on Thanksgiving Day. 

In a 1973 protest that gained national media coverage, Means led hundreds of Indians and white sympathizers in an occupation of Wounded Knee, S.D., site of the 1890 massacre of some 350 Lakota men, women and children in the last major conflict of the American Indian wars. In the ensuing 71-day standoff with federal agents, thousands of shots were fired, two Indians were killed and an agent was paralyzed.  Means was arrested but the case was dismissed by a judge for prosecutorial misconduct.

Means made a spirited fight against Ron Paul for the LP's bid in '88, but ultimately lost and endorsed Paul.  

In a 1986 interview in Reason magazine, Means said, “What AIM wants is self-determination for our people, and a leave-us-alone policy. We've found the best route towards that is the elimination of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. We are the only people governed by a bureau of the federal government. It should be an insult to any decent human being that this country, in this day and age, still has a bureaucracy that governs a specific ethnic group per se.”  

He added, “My platform was to get rid of every federal agency and state agency on this reservation and we'll do everything on our own.”  

In the 1990s, he became an actor in numerous films and television movies, including The Last of the Mohicans, The Pathfinder, Natural Born Killers, and was a voice actor in Disney’s film, Pocahontas.  

Later in life, he reached out to controversial figures, including Louis Farakkhan, Moammar Quaddafi, and the pornographer Larry Flint. He said, “I have been searching everywhere to find a friend for American Indian people. At first I thought it was the Christians in America. Then I thought it was the black politicians. We went to the peace movement. And we found that we were not welcome. I felt that the conservatives didn't ever want me, because they had been saying that I was a lackey for the Communists. Now I’m hanging around the fringes…”  

Means was married five times; the first four marriages ended in divorce. He was married to his fifth wife, Pearl Means, until his death.  He had a total of ten children, three of whom were adopted in the Lakota way. When he died, he had 22 grandchildren.

-- Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies


Justin Raimondo

Versailles 2

Justin Raimondo, RIP (1951-2019) co-founded with Eric Garris in 1995. Under their leadership, became a leading force against U.S. wars and foreign intervention, providing daily and often hourly updates and comprehensive news, analysis, and opinion on war and peace.

Justin (born Dennis Raimondo, November 18, 1951) grew up in Yorktown Heights, New York and, as a teenager, became a libertarian. He was a fierce advocate of peace who hated war, and an early advocate of gay liberation. He wrote frequently for many different publications and authored several books. He was also politically active in both the Libertarian and Republican parties.

When Justin was 14 years old, he wrote an article on Objectivism, Ayn Rand’s philosophy, for a local New York newspaper.  As a result, she met Rand, who was surprised at Justin’s youth.  Rand warmed up and said, "So you want to be a writer."

As an Objectivist and budding libertarian, Justin participated in the student strike at his high school, Cherrylawn, in 1968. Shortly after graduating from high school, Justin made the leap to San Francisco. Here Justin found a place he made his own and remained for nearly 40 years.

In the mid to late 1970s, he worked to get the Libertarian Party to accept gay rights and was a participant in the gay liberation movement in San Francisco.

Justin was inspired by John T. Flynn, Albert J. Nock, Frank Chodorov, Isabel Paterson, and other mid-20th century figures who defended the vision of a constitutional republic and protested the leviathan’s despotic powers at home and abroad. Justin was especially influenced by novelist Garet Garrett, who saw Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency as a revolutionary development that gutted American freedom while leaving the superficial form of the Constitution intact, and who was perhaps "even harsher" in opposing Truman’s Cold War imperialism.

Because of his strong antiwar views, Justin also supported Pat Buchanan three times in his run for President of the United States: 1992, 1996, and 2000. In 2000, Justin gave the nominating speech for Pat Buchanan at the Reform Party convention in Long Beach.

Although at times a dedicated activist, Raimondo primarily fought the power through writing. Justin wrote regularly for the Los Angeles TimesHuffington Post, and the American Conservative, and many libertarian publications.  His two most important books were his 1993 Reclaiming the American Right:  The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement,” and his 2000 biography, “An Enemy of the State:  The Life of Murray N. Rothbard.”

His most prolific writing was for He wrote about 3,000 articles, many of which went viral.  Largely due to Justin’s columns, continued to grow in focus and influence after September 11, 2001, and established itself as a leader of opposition to the new wars of the 21st Century.

He appeared multiple times on Fox News Channel, CNN, and MSNBC. His outspoken views made him a target of various pro-war intellectuals, notably Bill Kristol, David Horowitz, and Christopher Hitchens.

In 2007 Justin moved from San Francisco up north to Sonoma County, where he embraced life as a curmudgeonly semi-gentleman-farmer. He took immense pleasure in cutting his lawn, chatting with the neighbors, and surveying the horse pastures beyond the wooden fences across the road, all the while assiduously following political and cultural events, largely via the internet.

Although early on he was skeptical of gay marriage, Justin defended the right of gays to marry, and married his longtime companion, Yoshinori Abe, in 2017. On Thursday, June 27, Justin finally succumbed to his cancer. He is survived by his two sisters, Dale and Diane, and his husband Yoshi. Justin was one of a kind. He will be missed, both here at and by the wider world. staff (edited)


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What’s included in my registration?

How do I sign up for the special event breakfasts, lunches, receptions and Saturday Night banquet?

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How can I give feedback on FreedomFest 2019?

What are the conference dates and times, and when should I travel?

FreedomFest 2019 meets July 17-20 at Paris Resort Las Vegas. We recommend traveling on Tuesday, July 16 or early Wednesday, July 17 so you can arrive in time for the opening festivities Wednesday afternoon. We will begin conference events at 1pm with a series of stimulating and intellectual sessions designed to "prime the mind."

We recommend staying until Sunday, July 21 so you can attend "Super Charged Saturday" sessions and our fabulous Saturday Night Banquet, which features the Anthem Film Awards, the legendary Loop Rawlings, and live music and dancing with The Amish Outlaws.

We recommend purchasing your banquet tickets online in advance or call 855-850-3733 ext 202. A limited number of banquet tickets are available on site, but only while supplies last. (We had to turn over 50 people away in 2018.) Purchase at the Registration Desk in the Exhibit Hall no later than Friday 5pm. The cost is $250 per person, but discounted for FreedomFest attendees! You can add the banquet to your registration for only $125 each.

When and where do I check in for my registration?

The FreedomFest registration counter will be in the Exhibit Hall (Concorde Ballroom) of Paris Resort, at the center doors from the Paris Foyer. There will also be a Self-Registration kiosk in the hallway. Check in starts Wednesday, July 17 at 9am.

How can I get the most of my FreedomFest experience?

Use your Official Agenda Guide to read through the full schedule of events, including all the sessions, exhibitors, receptions, lunches and films. We encourage you to install and use the free app or your Agenda Guide to highlight which sessions you’d most like to attend each day. There’s plenty of time to get from one session to another – but remember that all seating is unreserved, first-come/first-served.

You can also visit the online Conference Guide to access our Welcome Letter, Liberty Tributes, Exhibitor and Speaker information, and much more.

And be sure to visit the Exhibit Hall to meet our terrific sponsors and exhibitors this year – there’s something for everyone in our “Trade Show for Liberty!” Play the "Tradeshow for Liberty" Treasure Hunt game with the card you received at check-in. Visit all the sponsors on your card and ask them for a stamp. Earn a "Great Visitor" stamp from sponsors who feel you engaged meaningfully with them at the booth. Turn in your completed survey at the Registration Desk by Saturday at noon. Winning cards will be drawn during the closing panel on the main stage. You can win Gold Aurum worth $1,776 courtesy of Valaurum (booth 200) or Two Passes to FreedomFest 2020. Have more than ten "Great Visitors" stamps on your card? If drawn, you win BOTH prizes!

We also feature the Anthem Film Festival in Versailles 3, with films running on Wednesday afternoon starting at 1pm, and our full line-up all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Special screenings at 8pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Pitch Tank returns for its fourth year. Investigate and explore all the exciting business ideas in the Exhibit Hall, and watch the final competition Friday morning in the Rivoli Ballroom. You will have the chance to vote on your favorite company, both to advance to the final round and to win it all!

We’ll feature live cowboy music and magic tricks in the Exhibit Hall during our Welcome Reception and banquet reception, as well as one of our breakout sessions. We’ve also included Roundtable discussions with the authors of 2019's most important books in the exhibit hall during breakout sessions – come meet our authors!

Add our special event breakfasts, luncheons, and the Saturday Night Banquet. Sign up for all these events at the registration desk or online.

This year we've added a new Freedom Art Exhibit, featuring the political art of cartoonist Michael Ramirez and street artist SABO.

We also have the new FreedomFest Debate Showcase, co-sponsored by American Logos, which features teams of young debaters from around the world, taking on the biggest issues. You know how we love debates at FreedomFest-- Well, here's the newest generation!

Don't miss our "Super-Charged Saturday" Sessions! We've saved some of the best for last. We'll get you energized with free energy drinks and snacks (while supplies last) when sessions start at 2pm on Saturday, and we'll award randomly selected attendees in sessions and films with special prizes, including silver dollars, merchandise and more!

What’s included in my registration?

The regular registration (including regular, student, young professional, exhibitor, speaker, filmmaker and media attendees) includes: 3 1/2 days of general sessions & breakout sessions, debates, panels and speeches; Welcome Reception and Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall; All conference materials; Unlimited entrance to our Exhibit Hall; Full access to all Anthem Film Festival screenings, just steps away from the Exhibit Hall; Access to the Pitch Tank; Complimentary Continental Breakfast and coffee breaks each day.

The One Day Pass includes: 1 day of general sessions & breakout sessions, debates, panels and speeches; All conference materials; Unlimited entrance to our Exhibit Hall; Full access to all Anthem Film Festival screenings; Access to FreedomFest Pitch Tank, Complimentary Continental Breakfast and coffee break that day. One-day pass attendees may attend the general session event the evening before their designated day pass.

The Film Lovers Pass includes: 3 1/2 days of Anthem Film Festival screenings and panels; Unlimited Entrance to the Exhibit Hall. It does not include any other FreedomFest events.

Film Lovers Day Pass includes: 1 day of Anthem Film Festival screenings and panels; Unlimited Entrance to the Exhibit Hall for that day.

The Art Lovers Day Pass  includes the Wednesday Day Pass to FreedomFest and Anthem, plus the VIP Art Exhibit Opening Reception.

The Art Lovers Pass is a full registration to FreedomFest and Anthem, plus the VIP Art Exhibit Opening Reception.

Please wear your badge to attend any part of FreedomFest – room monitors will be checking badges throughout the conference. If you lose your badge, there will be a $20 fee to replace it.

How do I sign up for the special event breakfasts, lunches, receptions and Saturday Night banquet?

You can sign up for additional special events during breakfast and lunch, as well as for our Saturday Night Banquet by accessing your registration.

If you are a new attendee, click the link below and choose “New Registration.” Then select the extra evernts you want to attend when you register.

If you are already registered, click on the link below and choose “Modify Registration” to access your registration. Use your email address and reference number (found in your confirmation email) to access your registration. Click through the pages until you reach the Options page where you can sign up for special events. Access my registration.

Or contact our Attendee Relations Team at 855-850-3733 ext 202 or visit the registration booth during the conference.

What about transportation and parking?

McCarran International Airport is just minutes away from The Las Vegas Strip. It’s a fast ride by taxi or Uber/Lyft, or you can arrange a shuttle from the airport to take you to Paris Las Vegas. The Vegas hotels do not provide free shuttle service between the hotel and airport.

Self-parking at Paris Las Vegas has a daily fee: 0-60 mins free, 1-4 hrs $9; 4-24 hrs $12; add'l 24 hrs $12. Valet parking at Paris Las Vegas has a daily fee: 0-4 hrs $15; 4-24 hrs $20; add't 24 hrs $20.

What should I wear?

We suggest business or business casual for all conference sessions. The Saturday Night Banquet is business formal or cocktail dress. And while it's not a costume party, a little Western wear would be delightful!

Is there an age restriction?

While there is no specific age restriction, FreedomFest is geared toward students and adults. We do not have any programming for young children. Some high school students may be mature enough to enjoy FreedomFest and the film festival.

What if two sessions I want to see are being held at the same time?

Choice reigns supreme at FreedomFest, and attendees often face the dilemma of two sessions at the same time that look appealing! If you are attending the conference with a guest, we suggest splitting up and going to the two sessions separately….it gives you great catch-up conversation when you meet back up for coffee, lunch, or dinner at the end of the day!

We also record all sessions at FreedomFest and make those sessions available for purchase – either individually or the entire conference collection. See the audio sales at the Registration counter in the Exhibit Hall or about one week after the end of the conference, visit

Are there reserved seats for sessions?

All conference sessions are unreserved, first-come/first-served seating. Special event breakfasts, lunches, and the Saturday Night Banquet are restricted to ticket holders, but are still unreserved seating, except for the VIP tables at the banquet.

Where are the nearest restaurants and eateries?

Snacks and light food options are available for purchase in the Exhibit Hall between 12-4pm on Thursday, 1-5pm on Friday, 10:30am-2pm on Saturday.

Paris Las Vegas also has several nearby restaurants and eateries, including:
Gordon Ramsey Steak
Le Village Buffet
La Creperie
Martorano’s Paris
The Eiffel Tower Restaurant
Mon Ami Gabi
Burger Brasserie
Sekushi Japanese Restaurant
Bally’s (which is connected through the shopping area) also has several restaurants, including:
BLT Steak
Buca di Beppo
SEA Thai
Sterling Brunch

There is also a restaurant/shopping area accessible via an escalator near Buca di Beppo which has restaurants like Sbarro’s, Nathans Famous Hotdogs, and so forth.

Where can I see the Anthem Film Festival movies?

Anthem Film Festival screenings take place in Versailles 3, through the Anthem Theater Lobby in Versailles 4. All screenings are clearly marked in the Official Program Guide, the App Agenda, the FreedomFest website and with the signs outside Anthem theater room. Films are screened all day long, including coffee breaks and lunch breaks. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks into the theater.

How do I vote for my favorite movies?

This year voting for the coveted Audience Choice award is easier than ever. Simply text starcandy516 to 22333 once, and you're ready to vote after every film simply by texting 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (1 being worst, 5 being best) to 22333. Easy peasy! Text starcandy516 now, and you're all set for the festival.

Where is the Pitch Tank?

The Pitch Tank– a competition of innovative business ideas –  can be found in the Exhibit Hall. This year, the Pitch Tank will feature at least 20 great companies and businesses! Stop by, review the different entries, and see who wins on Friday!

How can I vote for Pitch Tank competitors?

Give your opinion about which Pitch Tank competitors are the best!

Click here to vote for your favorite!

Do I need a ticket to the Freedom Square Dance?

The square dance is free and open to all! Stop by at 8pm in Champagne 2 for a rousing performance of clogging and yodeling by the Mama's Wranglers. Try your "hand" at line dancing. Get caught up in the square dancing that follows. Don't feel like dancing? Watch the crowd, tap your foot to the music, and enjoy picnic food, treats and a cash bar for a fun, memorable experience for us all!

What activities are available at night?

FreedomFest After Dark is just as much fun as FreedomFest during the day. Choose from:

Conversation Circles (Thursday and Friday)
Freedom Square Dance (Thursday)
Comedy Reception with Evan Sayet (Friday)
Karaoke (Friday)
Movies (every night)
Chateau Night Club in the Paris Resort (starting 10:30pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
Sponsored and Paid Receptions (see your agenda for details)

Where are the breakout sessions?

Each day starts with a general session in the Rivoli Ballroom. You can access the Rivoli Ballroom from the main hallway or through the opening between the Exhibit Hall (Concorde Ballroom) and Rivoli.

Breakout sessions are located in the following rooms:
Rivoli Ballroom
Vendome A (Wild West on Wall Street)
Vendome B (Art Exhibit and Debate Showcase)
Champagne 1
Champagne 4
Versailles 2
Versailles 3 (film theater)

Receptions, special breakfasts and lunches are scheduled in Champagne 2 and 3, and a few other rooms

See your printed agenda guide, online conference guide, online agenda or the app for more specific details on the venue for a particular session.

What is the Freedom Art Exhibit?

The Freedom Art Exhibit features the work of political cartoonist Michael Ramirez and street artist Sabo as a demonstration of how art can make political commentary. Some of the pieces also challenge conventional perspectives, social mores and political philosophy.

NOTE: Some of the pieces could be deemed "offensive" so we've constructed a "Free Speech Zone" so that you can choose whether or not you would like to view these particular pieces of art. Please be mindful of the signage so you can make your own choice whether to enter the "Free Speech Zone" area of the art exhibit to view those pieces of art.

The Art Exhibit is in the same room as the Debate Showcase. Please keep your voices low when debates are in session. Each day has a "Meet the Artist" hour (starting around 3:30pm each day) when art viewers can talk freely with both artists, and discuss the art.

What is the Debate Showcase?

The FreedomFest Debate Showcase is a new initiative that brings together young people from around the world to engage in a debate tournament on a variety of important liberty topics. Co-sponsored by American Logos, the Debate Showcase allows students to explore both sides of an issue, and learn to present compelling cases for or against. Since FreedomFest is known for our debates, we are delighted to help foster the next generation of people who can effectively argue for liberty!

A few of the debates are presented two at a time, and some are also presented during the lunch hour. Feel free to bring lunch into the debate room (you can buy lunch in the exhibit hall on your way to the debate session).

Where are the restrooms? 

Restrooms are located next to the Loire breakout room across from the Rivoli Ballroom. Additional restrooms are located in the Paris Casino and lobby areas.

How can I give feedback on FreedomFest sessions?

Two Options:

Use the app to take the session survey


Click here to give feedback on a session.

How can I give feedback on FreedomFest 2019?

We love to hear from our attendees! Please let us know what we are doing well at FreedomFest and what we can do to make it even better. Take the survey at the end of the conference: online survey

NOTE: We need as MANY people as possible to complete the survey so we are getting as accurate a picture as possible. Students, young professionals, first-timers, long-timers, everyone - your feedback is important. Plus you can win two free tickets to FreedomFest!

Feedback, Surveys & Voting


FreedomFest 2019 Session Feedback

Two Options:

Use the app to take the session survey


Click here to give feedback on a session.


Anthem Film Voting

You can rate the films with the touch of a button. Just text StarCandy516 to 22333, and you are all set to rate the films. Then you’ll just text 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 to 22333 after each film.


Pitch Tank Voting

Give your opinion about which Pitch Tank competitors are the best!


FreedomFest 2019 Attendee Survey

We need YOUR feedback to help us make FreedomFest the best it can be.

Give your feedback here at the end of the conference.

If you include your name and email, you will be automatically entered to win TWO FREE TICKETS to FreedomFest 2020.

Privacy Policy
FreedomFest, Inc. is deeply committed to protecting the privacy and security of our attendees’ personal and financial information. We do not sell, share or rent the name, billing address, email address, telephone number, credit card or any other information about our attendees to anyone, including other attendees, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. FreedomFest Inc. maintains this information in-house and uses it solely to contact our attendees directly regarding FreedomFest events, speakers and exhibitors. Make sure you set your app privacy to your desired levels.

FreedomFest, Inc. is a “big tent event” that brings together a diverse range of speakers, panels and debates that cover politics, investments, economics, history, philosophy, science & technology, art & literature, and healthy living. All exhibitors and speakers are independent business people or entities and are not directed or controlled by FreedomFest Inc., nor does FreedomFest Inc. sponsor or promote, directly or indirectly, any agenda, idea, product or service offered by speakers or exhibitors. FreedomFest Inc. is not liable or responsible for the advice, offerings, actions or services of exhibitors or sponsors. We encourage all participants to examine information, ask questions, and carefully evaluate and compare advice from our various exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and other attendees. Participants should carefully consider whether material and information they receive is suitable to their personal circumstances before taking any action.

Filming, Photography and Audio Recording in Progress
All sessions at FreedomFest are audio recorded for archival purposes. Sessions that take place in the main Rivoli Ballroom are also video recorded for archiving and livestream purposes. Various photographers are taking photographic images throughout the conference in all meeting spaces. Additionally, various media outlets will be broadcasting FreedomFest activities and events. By attending and participating in FreedomFest, you agree to allow your likeness and voice to be potentially captured and shared by audio and video.