Big Debates to Bring Solutions to the Forefront!

FreedomFest is known for its big, controversial debates. We believe that in order for truth to come to light, we must listen to all sides, openly and fearlessly. That's why we eschew political labels and focus on the issues. That's when people can really share different points of view and really hear another perspective. And that's when insight and progress come about.

In the past, we've had some pretty spectacular debates:

  • The Big Trump Debate (this one nearly came to blows!)
  • The Dream Debate of the Century - Stephen Moore (#1 supply sider) took on Paul Krugman (world's #1 Keynesian) for an explosive debate on economics
  • Bull versus Bear Debate - each year our top investment advisors make their case for their latest market predictions. "Bears make headlines but bulls make money!"
  • Should We Tax the Rich More or Less?
  • Anarchy versus Limited Government, which one is truly the recipe for the maximum personal freedom
  • Should Prostitution Be Legal? (this was SRO!)

And many many more.

We're hard at work lining up our next round of big debates for FreedomFest 2018. Be sure to check back often and look for our email blasts with our latest updates!

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